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U.M.B.A. Hall
Underwood, Iowa's Community Hall
Information/Reservations 712-566-2222
Underwood Memorial Building
PO Box 63
300 2nd Avenue
Underwood, IA 51576 U.M.B.A. Hall - Underwood, Iowa's Community Hall

Underwood Memorial Building Association

Underwood Optimist Club
"Bringing Out the Best in Kids!"
Meets every Saturday at 7:30 AM U.M.B.A Hall's small meeting room. Guests Welcome!
Contact: Dale or Barb Robertson 712-566-2820
Underwood Optimist Club
PO Box 75
Underwood, IA 51576
Friends of Underwood
United and Unique!
The mission of the Friends of Underwood group is to improve and maintain the Underwood, Iowa community. Meets every other Thursday - 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Underwood City Hall.

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